Mono Basin & Mono Lake 

For decades, we have been dedicated to environmental preservation, investing in a variety of restoration projects that continue to improve the ecological vibrancy of the region. To date, we have over 65 ongoing, in progress, or completed restoration projects in the Mono Basin.

LADWP & Mono Basin 

The City of Los Angeles has long-standing water rights that allow LADWP to provide safe, affordable, and reliable drinking water from the Eastern Sierra to millions of residents through the Los Angeles Aqueduct. Following a California Supreme Court decision calling for reconsideration of LADWP’s water rights under the public trust doctrine, in 1994, the State Water Resources Control Board (SWRCB) conducted a lengthy hearing to balance public trust resources at Mono Lake. The SWRCB subsequently adopted Decision 1631 (D-1631), which established minimum instream flows and specific water diversion criteria intended to gradually restore the average water elevation of Mono Lake to approximately 6,391 feet above mean sea level. As required by D-1631, LADWP has successfully restored streams, fisheries, and wildlife habitat in the Mono Basin, while also raising lake levels and reducing its water exports by 85 percent.

Mono Lake 

Stream Restoration 

Birds of Mono Basin 

Fish Restoration 

Mono Lake


Mono Lake and its tributaries offer abundant resources for the unique water birds nesting on shore, and a healthy environment for the plants and fish to thrive. The improved stream flows to the tributaries have restored delta habitats important to the aquatic birds that reside there, and created a healthy ecosystem. For example, in 2019, Upper Rush Creek supported ~2,647 newborn Brown Trout compared to ~1,572 in 2018

LADWP and Mono Basin
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